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If you're a creative of African, Caribbean and/or mixed descent in Aotearoa, New Zealand - then this is the place for you. Creating work opportunities, sharing stories, information, and learning how we can work better as a community that is increasingly becoming more visible in Aotearoa NZ is our aim. We welcome all #BlackCreatives. Even if you're not based locally, if you have a connection to this country through other creatives, wanting to make work, or keen in developing a global black creative consciousness then you're in the right place. Our motto is to connect, create and collaborate. Join us.

Welcome. Nau mai. Haere Mai. We acknowledge our place on this whenua as both tauiwi and those who have Black and Māori and Pasifika ancestry.  


Developed by a team of digital black creatives the Black Out Series presents 30 minute Facebook live interviews at noon every Sunday across thirteen weeks exploring what it means to be a black kiwi artist in 2020 - including  an opportunity for our creatives to respond to the challenges presented by Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement here in Aotearoa.


Diane Wesh - Black Creatives Aotearoa (INTERVIEW BY RNZ)

Diane Wesh has helmed a series of interviews with African and Caribbean creatives based here and set up a new digital directory identifying Black-owned businesses around the world using New Zealand IT expertise. Diane Wesh's time in this country is coming to an end but she's made her mark. During the lockdown she worked with Kiwi based tech team Webwiz on the directory called Got Blacklisted and presented live streamed interviews for  Black Creatives Aotearoa - BCA - for the Blackout Series.  Read more


Black Creatives Aotearoa was founded by Dione Joseph in 2018 to create a space where creatives of African and/or Caribbean descent could find a place to connect, create and collaborate in Aotearoa, New Zealand. From ten members in a Facebook group the community has grown to over 200 members across the country featuring writers, poets, singers, musicians  poets, film-makers, chefs, restauranteurs, creative entrepreneurs, hairdressers and more.  Join our community to learn more about other creatives, explore new opportunities and get along to some fine gigs across the country.

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