Developed by a team of digital black creatives the Black Out Series presents 30 minute Facebook live interviews that were broadcasted at noon every Sunday across thirteen weeks in 2020, They explored what it means to be a black kiwi artist and presented an opportunity for our creatives to respond to the challenges presented by Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement here in Aotearoa.


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“The Black Out series is real talk, survival stories filled with the joy and pain of Black lives lived in Aotearoa. I am humbled by the stories that have been shared, it’s a warm and generous space revealing the scope of practice and life experiences of this creative community.”

Rosanna Raymond

Founder SaVAge Klub

“It’s awesome to hear from Black artists and practitioners in our own creative neighbourhood.  The breadth of whakaaro and personalities is refreshing. It’s like meeting new friends over a cuppa where the kōrero can swing from arts practice to global issues and back to personal perspective. It’s from the heart and in the moment, and at this moment there is no better time than to listen to the voices of Black artists in Aotearoa.”

Dolina Wehipeihana

Kaiarahi Māori at Performing Arts Network of NZ (PANNZ)

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