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This is an exciting space: it's where you learn about what's cooking in the BCA kitchen. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming labs, workshops, exhibitions and events. 


a literature and art zine


JUNE 2023

BLack  to the Future is the very first Black Zine in New Zealand that will feature all local African Black contributors. Co-editors Bareeka Vrede (South Africa) and Acacia Cochise (African American/Apache NativeAmerican) will be producing the literary zine which will feature the works of up to ten local Afro-Kiwi writers and visual poets and launched at Auckland City Library. This project will be delivered in partnership with the Ellen Melville Centre and Auckland Council



of contemporary black imagination


JUNE 2023

BCA (Black Creative Aotearoa) is presenting an exhibition of artwork by Black/African New Zealand artist members of Black Creatives Aotearoa (BCA). The working concept is Healing Rituals of the Black Imagination.  This community-cultivated project is helmed by Serenity Wise (curator) key artist Alvie McKree and Natasha Marin. The exhibit will consist mainly of visual artwork by Alvie McKree (Ngapuhi Ngati Kahu ki Whangaroa, St Vincents, Barbados) and in collaboration with oral narratives (audio) by BCA creatives, visioned and cultivated by guest creative Natasha Marin. The collaborative nature of this exhibition will offer an opportunity for anywhere between 3-20 creative participants from various diverse fields from across the continent of Africa and diaspora. The project will be supported by Artistic Director and Mentor Dione Joseph who curated BCA’s inaugural exhibition Untold Secrets: Hidden Gifts of Our Ancestors (2019). 


Self Care Sundays

June 2023

Self care Sundays are BCA's offerings to contribute to our community's wellbeing after a very hectic beginning of 2023 with extreme weather affecting many families in Auckland. These will feature Kimetic Yoga, Somatic Healing Body work and a Dance workshop.

Relaxing Outdoor
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