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Welcome to the performing arts section of the BCA website. This is the home of the performing arts productions BCA has been part of either as producer or collaborator.  

Our presence in the performing arts space is all about creating opportunities for Black stories and histories to be told and performed authentically. Our aim is to provide a platform for Black creatives to express themselves in their own voice and celebrate the vibrant and dynamic cultural heritage of Black communities in Aotearoa New Zealand. We invite you to explore our collection of performances and discover the incredible talents of our Black creatives. Join us in celebrating the power and beauty of Black art, and the importance of creating space for authentic representation and storytelling.

Po' Boys & Oysters



In September 2022 BCA produced Po’ Boys and Oysters, a play about a Black lesbian couple of Haitian descent who’ve immigrated to Auckland and plan to adopt a child. Nominated for an Adam’s NZ Playwright Award in 2021, the play deals with family dynamics, a clash of class, politics and cultures and the challenges for a same sex Black couple yearning to adopt a child.

“I rarely see someone like myself – a proud Black queer mother - represented on the stage. I wrote Po’ Boys and Oysters to give these characters a voice and provide a platform to a group that have rarely been seen or represented in our theatre,” says the playwright Estelle Chout, who was born in the Caribbean island of Martinique and who moved to New Zealand from London with her family. ​Po’ Boys and Oysters was directed by Dione Joseph, founder of Black Creatives Aotearoa (BCA)


ONCE IN A BLACK MOON  a critical conversation


 2 – 18 JUNE 

Black Creatives Aotearoa in partnership with Silo Theatre brought together critical thinkers, dreamers, and makers from the Black community in Tāmaki Makaurau for a one-off discussion event centering Black womanhood, friendship, ownership of black bodies, and queerness in response to Jasmine Lee Jones’ seven methods of killing kylie jenner at Basement Theatre.

We also organised a public programme including DJ sets

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