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CREATE is the second of the core values upon which BCA is built. It brims with all the potential and possibility to manifest the future we desire. We thrive on creating as human beings, and at BCA we find it incredibly rewarding to see our members grow and thrive.


For us, creation is boundless and we are constantly involved in a range of different activities. We are also big believers that EVERYONE is creative and that too often it is simply a matter of reconnecting to a desire or passion from childhood. Our creative community is broad and deep and inclusive of many different creative capacities including cake artists, stunt performers, toy makers, interior designers and creative entrepreneurs.


In addition to a range of workshops and panels, our regular creation labs include the following:


The BCA Playwrights Lab

Perfect for first-time and emerging playwrights who need the support to get their first full length draft complete. Industry recognised dramaturgs will support you through this process.


The BCA Writers Workshop 

Do you have a story simmering on the back burner? Short story or full length novel? Either way award winning writers are available to provide inspiring tools to help you get started.  


The BCA Poetry Workshop 

Always loved rhyme and rhythm, words and images? Ready to pen your first poem? Acclaimed poets are available to give you the boost you need  to help you get started

We hope to expand our creation labs into screenwriting and screen production. If you are keen to be involved as a mentor or supporter please get in touch by emailing

BCA presents 

As part of our mission to unleash the boundless creativity of our community, at BCA we support Black Creatives to write, direct and present their productions. 

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PO' Boys and Oysters

Po’ Boys and Oysters is about a Black lesbian couple of Haitian descent who’ve immigrated to Auckland and plan to adopt a child. Nominated for an Adam’s NZ Playwright Award in 2021, the play deals with family dynamics, a clash of class, politics and cultures and the challenges for a same sex Black couple yearning to adopt a child.

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