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COLLABORATION is the third and final of our values and builds upon the energy and effort we put into facilitating meaningful connection, creating people-focused opportunities and then bringing our members and other communities together to start sculpting sustainable and lasting impact.


We know too well that if you want to travel fast, it might be best to do it alone, but if its lasting impact then it is vital to take the community along for the ride.


We are constantly collaborating, quietly amongst our members, with different organisations and constantly learning, stretching and sharing.


Here are three collaborations that we undertook in 2020.


Untold Secrets: Hidden Gifts of Our Ancestors

Held at Q Theatre, Auckland, the exhibition featured photography and poetry showcasing the talents of nine poets, three photographers and nine models from Auckland, Wellington and Melbourne.

Blackout FB Banner logo.png

The Black Out Series

Developed by a team of digital black creatives the Black Out Series presents 30 minute Facebook live interviews that were broadcasted at noon every Sunday across thirteen weeks in 2020. 

BLM Achive.png

The BLM Archive

The BLM archive is a collaboration between BCA, the members of the black NZ community and our allies. The aim of the archive is to collect and collate the responses of the BLM Marches in Aotearoa NZ by Black New Zealanders for Black New Zealanders.

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