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Black to the Future, Black Creatives Aotearoa’s (BCA) first printed zine is a collection of Black literature and artwork that highlights our diverse and nuanced interpretations. Inspired by our community's creativity, our zine explores and promotes a deeper understanding of the Black experience with an eye to the future. This zine is one of the first printed collections of Black Literature and Art and focuses on the power of the future for Afro-Kiwis in Aotearoa, showcasing blackness through the perspective of different genres, forms, and ideas around blackness. Co-editors Bareeka Vrede and Acacia Cochise curated fifteen different works of literature and art that feature in this landmark collection. 

With a fusion of articles, poetry, micro stories, and visually stunning artwork/visual poetry, "Black to the Future" transcends traditional boundaries to bring you a kaleidoscope of voices, narratives, and creative expressions. It's a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the multifaceted dimensions of blackness!

This zine was developed with support from Auckland Central City Library and the Ellen Melville Centre.

Co-edited by: Bareeka Vrede and Acacia Cochise


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You can access an unabridged digital  version of the Black to the future zine here:

I loved that through the zine we were able to explore the nuance and diversity of black identities in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Acacia Cochise 

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