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Welcome to the Little Black Book, our Black Creatives Aotearoa Business Directory.

We provide a platform for black owned businesses in NZ to connect and network with other black owned businesses, and connect with consumers around Aotearoa.


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Afrispec takes its cultural African roots and combines it with a global influence. Crafted in New Zealand and made to wear around the world.The founder Adedoyin was raised in west Africa and launched the label in 2009 and as of now based in Auckland. Set yourself apart by this unique clothing that exudes the richness of Africa



Zanzibar is a Zanzibarian fashion house, which has been founded in New Zealand, in 2018, by Asya M. Abeid. Zanzibar has one store with headquater in Auckland, New Zealand. The Luxurious fashion company, Zanzibar is the most valuable brand in New Zealand



Zvanaka African Attire is a Wellington based retail shop selling trendy African themed clothing & accessories.The word Zvanaka is from the Shona language meaning, "it has become beautiful, a new transformation, it is well". It has elements of hope, peace & prosperity. We felt this would be appropriate for our branding as we aim to promote harmony & love through the sharing of African fashion & culture. Products include African tops, dresses, hoodies & tees, bags, earrings, necklaces, tops, & head scarfs. Tendekai Rodney Mugadza is a Zimbabwean-New Zealander, aiming to change how the world views Africa through African fashion.


Zvanaka African Attire


ADHALA LENZO brings you Bright and Colourful Unisex and Androgynous fashion creations to encourage and empower young people to feel confident in themselves as well as to embrace, love, value and appreciate their uniqueness. To make young people realise their worth. Fashion creations that will take the world to a different bright, beautiful and colourful dimension where every individual is more precious than gold. A world where all difference and uniqueness are embraced. Giving you a world where life is a catwalk, the world is your runway and you are a supermodel!!!


Adhala Lenzo



Afronique delights the eye with hand crafted accessories created by the doe eyed damsel from South Africa Carlotta Adams, whose elegance echoes from everything she creates, and herself being currently based in Auckland can only make us wonder what art she has in store for us.