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The vision for each monthly circle is that we co-design a productive process that incorporates mindful meditative practice as well as the discussion of sociocultural experiences of Black womxn. This includes topics such as the treatment of the Black female body, racism/misogyny as well as Black joy and healing.

This retreat is open to all those who identify as she/her and we are inclusive of all our sisters. In 2020 our retreats were held in person in Auckland and then switched to online. We are hoping that this year things will be different and look forward to welcoming you into our space.


These circles came about as a result of Sonya Renee Taylor’s deep commitment to fostering and connecting black womxn to themselves and each other and through BCA creating an opportunity right here in Aotearoa that was in turn, based upon her own monthly circles she held in collaboration with others in the USA. We are also hoping to plan a national gathering later in the year and look forward to collaborating with others to make it happen. 

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