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Celebrating the Intersection of Sudanese Diversity

Just as the Blue and White Nile meet in Sudan, A Confluence of Cultures celebrates the intersection of Sudanese diversity. The project was birthed five months ago in partnership with Auckland museum with the goal of nurturing the relationship with the African diaspora in New Zealand. A confluence of culture experience showcase is about intersecting diversities. Even amid civic protests, many of the artwork is from people on the ground. The people who are taking to the streets wanting to fight for democracy, fight for a better future, are also being represented in this exhibit.

The Exhibit:

This is a representation of Sudanese traditional outfits.

Figure 1 Women traditional grab

Figure 2 Male traditional garb

On one side, there is a map of Sudan and an intense timeline. Showcasing the histories and the ongoing fight for freedom. It begins from 30 years before Christ to October 25th, 2021.

Below is the traditional bridal wedding dress. The wedding process is one of the oldest traditions in Sudan regardless of tribe or context. It’s said to be a very significant intersecting point for Sudanese people.

Figure 3 traditional wedding dress

This significant piece is from a Sudanese artist in Melbourne and serves as a very big metaphor.

We have young men here, looking very distressed with a lot of anxiety and one person in that hole is looking up. That is a metaphor for the realities of the people and the constant disposition that they've felt for the last 30 years. But it only takes the one person to look up for a better future. That's the beauty of the revolution and the wider African diaspora.

Collectively we can grow upon each other and fight for that better future.

Sudan A Confluence of Cultures will be at the Auckland Museum until January 23rd.


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