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One Love: Reframing The World, One Beat At A Time

By Diane Wesh

The world is currently locked down in ways we have never experienced in the 21st century.

Collectively, every nation is currently wading through the waters of uncertainty, trying their best to stay afloat amidst the rise of the global crisis: COVID-19. As citizens in various countries navigate and tread through this unfamiliar territory, it is music — amongst other mediums of art — to which they cling.

COVID-19, has greatly altered the lives of many, snatching every sense of what was once deemed ordinary and replacing it with a ‘new normal.’ This new sense of normalcy is a more confining and restricting one that conditions many to a life of isolation, albeit, one that is now indoors. However, this unpredictable time has birthed a new wave of radical digital artists that use their talents in music to challenge assumptions and reframe the world.

David Matthews, Nigerian born and Auckland based, is one of those artists. Matthew’s thought-provoking and catchy lyrics from his new single: One Love, infuses hip-hop and Afrobeats, bringing love and harmony to all who listen.

He explains: “The first time I got into music was when I was younger; I would grab a mic, run around the house, and sing songs my parents had never heard.”

The impetus behind One Love was to motivate people while creating a platform of peace. “We all want to take and take, but it seems we never want to give,” he says. “Why not join hands and create love? Years go by and everything is still being divided. One Love is a song that aims to get people on their feet and dispel negative vibes.”

“Music shifts our world,” he adds, “It is capable of evoking emotion and has the power to uplift any negative mood.”

When it comes to inspiration Matthews strives to emulate the compassion his mother displays while finding motivation from the pioneer of Afrobeat music, Nigerian human rights activist: Fela Kuti.

Despite much of Matthews success, his musical career has not always been easy. During the peak of his accomplishments and just weeks before his new release, on the 25th March, 2020, Matthews had to have an emergency operation. However, in spite of this and the doctor’s recommendation to rest, Matthews refused. His sheer tenacity exemplified his conviction that his new single had to be complete and heard.

Matthew's passion for One Love reverberates through his song and much of its completion he attributes to his professional team who supported, encouraged, and helped him make his single come to fruition.

As the entire globe continues to reside indoors, take this time to turn up the volume on One Love. Get off the couch and dance, feel the rhythm pulse through your veins, and allow the music from your local black creative to reframe your world, one beat at a time.


One Love is a new Afrobeats track that released on 25th March, 2020 by David Matthews. The new single is available on all platforms and can be heard here.



Diane Wesh is a multifaceted creative and the proud product of tough Haitian immigrants.

American born and New Zealand based she thrives in cultural communications, building relationships, and storytelling.

To find out more about Diane follow along on her inspiring journey here.


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