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Tyson Nemukula


Tyson Nemukula - Singer, Rapper

My Name is Tyson Nemukula. I was born in South Africa in 1997. Then I was adopted at the age of 14 and moved to New Zealand, Wellington. So I have been here about 6 years. I’m studying at Massey U doing a degree in music technology. I hope to gain full knowledge about the industry and perfecting craft in creating music there.


My passions are acting, dancing (as modern jive with a hip hop twist), and music.  I have done theatre and screen acting; if something came up depending on the contract I may do it. At the moment while I’m at Uni. Currently, I am working on an EP. It's about my life and experiences, it’s talking what it’s like to be a young person whose had experiences, around family issues & mental health, and feeling like an alien in society. 


The way I would like to connect with other Black Creatives, I guess as a family.

I want to have a collective of people around me that do film, music and design, like my own creative company. I want to be around diverse people and creative styles but with the same drive and ambition as myself.  I usually connect by just talking to people, going for coffee and pitching ideas and seeing if we click.

The thing I find hard is starting over from the ground up with not a lot of finance or guidance, it felt like I was hoping I was doing the right thing, but I wasn't 100% sure. MasseyU tutors are pretty good with guiding in the whole business of creating music in NZ.  What I hope happens in the Black Creatives Aotearoa is that we connect and collaborate with each other and bring our own experiences to the culture of music and design and theatre here. I think (if done successfully) that would look like more opportunities for Black creatives, more jobs and more recognition of us black artists in NZ. Black culture, Afro beat music, fashion sense has so much influence globally, but we are not really taking advantage of it or taking it seriously in NZ yet.


Am free to collaborate with anyone at the moment just hit me up. I want to do music, music videos, and get involved in projects that involve acting, or anything creative. BCA is now like that pool of black talent that can facilitate that happening. People can contact me at or on Facebook, or Instagram@tyson_music or mobile 0212532853


Check out my music I have release so far on Spotify:


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