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Sonya Renee Taylor - Author & Poet

Q: What is your name and where do your ancestors rise?


A: My name is Sonya Renee Taylor and my ancestors rise from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Mississippi and origins in Africa that I do not know. I moved to New Zealand one year ago as part of the Edmund Hilary Fellowship for Social Impact Entrepreneurship and I am a fellow in the first cohort of social impact entrepreneurs.


Q: How do you identify as a creative?


A: I am a performance poet, author, and professional speaker. However, I also have a background in theatre, musical theatre, some film and television.

Q: What are you passionate about?


A: I am passionate about justice, equity, human compassion. My book The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self Love helps readers understand how radical self-love can be a transformative force in their own lives but also the needed foundation for addressing some of the world’s biggest social justice issues.  


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The Body Is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love  


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